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Hello, My name is Yves Deneault, Having grown up working a 250 acre farm with my family, the outdoors have always been where I feel at home. When responsibilities on the farm were finished my brothers and I enjoyed the dense forests and numerous rivers and lakes where we had an abundance of opportunities to fish, kayak, or boat in one of many rivers including some fond memories of our outings on Lake Champlain.  like so many, being able to get out in a nearby lake or settle in a quiet spot in the ocean to catch the sunrise is an experience I live for.  Who can resist the serene calming effect of the morning water as the  sun rises slowly to cascade upon the fresh salt air, as all of nature comes alive?  I think this is one of the reasons why we share a common passion for the ocean life experience.

At the age of 16, with my love for the water being a primary focus, my first two jobs were in the Marine Industry working at some of Canada’s most well known marinas, located on the border of Lake Champlain.  In 1999 I wanted to move south into the states to capture a larger season of the warmth and so I settled in Virginia where I worked as a marine electrical sub-contractor and part of the team at Zimmerman Marine.  A few years later the thought of enjoying year round warmth and adventures on the Florida coast along with Scuba Diving drove me further south. And so in 2004 I moved to the sunny beaches of Stuart, FL where I established Trinity Marine Electric, Inc and soon met and married my better half Angie.

Since 2004 our team’s passion has been providing friendly reliable and meticulous service to our customers by designing, installing and repairing marine electrical systems in their Trawler Yacts, Sport Fishing Cruisers or Sailboats. As an ABYC Certified Marine Technician, I have 28 years experience and hold certifications in Electrical & Corrosion.

My team and I look forward to helping you have the yachting experience you deserve.

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