Automation / Digital Switching


A Yacht’s Ultimate Control

Access a systems that allows you to enjoy remote monitoring and control, increased reliability as well as the lifestyle conveniences you deserve on your home away from home.

Give yourself the Yacht Digital Monitoring and Access Control System that lets you use your iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop or other onboard touch screeninterfaces like the BEP C-Zone™ touch screen.

Discover a system that gives you complete monitoring and control of your vessel’s motors, pumps, battery & charging system as well as audio/video systems, lights, shades, CCTV cameras, security, hot water, refrigeration, pool and hot tubs, motorized conveniences and other systems.

Imagine arriving to air conditioning, a favorite cold drink, a hot shower and a well lit vessel all because of your ability an hour prior to turn on the air conditioner, refrigerator, boiler and lighting by way of an SMS or email message to your Yacht. Imagine changing the programming on all of your TV’s at once while entertaining. These freedoms are just the beginning.